Friday, February 27, 2009

Campsite set up & Campfire at Pulau Ubin

Camp site set up & campfire on Pulau Ubin is nothing new, but this is a total different experience for me.

This project was done by UNLESAH, for our client, Mediamorphosis, for their project, Satu Family.

Our tasks for this project:
(1) Set up a campsite so that individual group will follow, &
(2) a Campfire for the night shooting.

The team comprises of:

Vik (on far left), Han (in the centre), and Justin (far right)

(1) Set up a campsite

This is the campsite that we set up, and the individual group will have to do exactly the same.
Basically, there were 2 bashas, and a flag pole.

(2) Campfire
First, we need to set up a Tiki Torch path, so that the video crew could shoot the participants walking thru the path to the "Tribute Council".

Then, came the main fire.
We have to ensure that the fire was bright enough for the production crew to do a proper shot.

It was just a 1-day project, but there was so much fun and energy involved.
I am sure that the participants have a total different experience while they were on Pulau Ubin.

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Till then....

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