Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pulau Ubin Tour - Nature Walk - 3 April 2010

After a few weeks of break, Nature Walk - Ubin Tour is back again.
This time round, we have 6 crazy fans of Pulau Ubin.
It was all bright and shine, until.......
Waiting at Changi Point Ferry Terminal.
We all had a heavy lunch, which explains the tiredness on the face.
Paying for the boat fare - S$2.50 per trip
All the beautiful smiles at the start of the tour.
Marc - The Superman.
Sharan - The Indian Mafia
Emma - Stacie's good friend
Julie - The Producer (of beautiful smiles)

Stacie - Little Miss Piggy ("I'm hungry")
Louise - The Adventurer
It's a bright hot day, until a moment later...
The weather got us. These are (some of) the girls with the Wet T-shirts.
We are all Wet, because we went to Check Jawa WETLAND!
The cloud refused to leave us alone.
I've included him in this photo.

Friend Number 13 joined us in this group photo.

I guessed, the tour was good.
Even the Superman cant resist to ask for a hug..

A lot of Sun; A lot of heat.
A lot of rain; A lot of wetness.
A lot of Fun; A lot of Laughters. 

Stated at the start of the tour.
This is not a tour-type of tour.
It's like an outing, with (lots of) laughters included.

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Unknown said...

such a good day, such a good tour, such a good tour guide ,thanks for a fab day xxxxx