Saturday, November 14, 2009

24 Oct 2009, Pulau Ubin Tour, Nature Walk

24 Oct 2009
Pulau Ubin Tour, Nature Walk
9 Betel Box Backpackers
(including 3 couples)

Mike, Suze, Bobby, Mark, Peter, Karen & Brett
Julia & Anna

Taking a break after listening to the myth.

Models, not posers.
When asked for a shoot, they just stand still, but I believe they can do better.

Karen & Peter on a honeymoon to Singapore, leaving their 3 boys at home.

Due to high tide, they don't get to see much at Chek Jawa.

Bird's eye view of the surrounding on top of Jejawi Tower.

They met my friend, Jack, who posed for them.

A return of good fate.

It has been sometimes since I've done any Pulau Ubin tour.
Yes, certainly, I miss the island, and was surprised by the changes over this short period.
I have done a couple of small tours in between but it was not posted.

Took a really long break for some development,
I apologize for the disappearance.

I am back again.
providing a better tour experience for you.

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