Monday, December 14, 2009

Pulau Ubin Tour - Nature Walk on 5 Dec 2009

Sorry for the late post (again.. very sorry.. )
Was busy for the past week (ok, I admit, I was lazy actually, i cant be koaLAZYmonkey for no reason).
We had a Nature Walk tour 2 weeks ago, and it was a good one.
(Disclaimer: Some of the photos were taken by my iphone, apologize for the poor quality.)

A classic bum boat image.

The weather don't sound promising actually.

And they are.........(from left) Oliver, Katey, Haylea, Lauren (in front of Haylea), Teddy and Chad.

We were hit by slight shower while on the way to Check Jawa, and we were slightly "injured"by the rain.
All was good, and we took a walk down the jetty to feel the stormy weather and experiencing the high tide.

Yes, it was high tide!! But the breeze was good, so was the air.

We took a break at the "mini zoo", the old Orchid garden.

Those were the days when they were useful, now, they are a display.
They have done their parts for the history.

We paddled on for a while, and we stopped at Pekan Quarry for some photo shoots. 

And I discovered something amazing - YOUNGSTERS CAN'T READ.
We seriously need to take a look at the educational system!
Despite the warning sight, young visitors were still taking the risk to walked the closed road.

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