Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NIBC Team Offsite 2012 @ Pulau Ubin

This is our 2nd time organizing a team-offsite for our client, 
NIBC Bank, Singapore. 

This trip to Pulau Ubin came as a surprise to many of the participants as they have no idea where they were heading to for this team offsite. 
The truth was on revealed when the chartered bus entered Changi Village. 

For this event, we have organized a good seafood lunch for the participants. 
And after the lunch, we had a Bicycle Treasure Hunt for them. 
During the Bicycle Treasure Hunt, the participants explored some of the attractions in Pulau Ubin,
and at the same time, played games that brought back some childhood memories.

Welcome to Pulau Ubin.

Solving a puzzle for the clue to the next Check Point.

Bicycles were pre-arranged for the team so that they can grab-&-go. 

The Shooting Range - Hit "X" for the next clue. 

Searching for their next Check Point. 

The Clue to the next Check Point, where the next task await for the team.

Walking Together. 

 Solving the challenge together. 

And, of course....

Play Together. 

This event ended with lots of fun and laughters.
The participants had captured many good memories with the image capturing devices that were included in this event. 

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