Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nature Walk @ Pulau Ubin, 17 May 2008

This is my first entry of my Pulau Ubin Tour after so many time of conducting of such tours.

Usually, the number of participants ranges from 4 pax to 8 pax, but this time round, we have a break through; There are 9 participants!

For this trip, we have a couple of break through:
- 9 participants
- Visit to Ketam Mountain Bike Park
- Seen Pulau Ubin decorated for Vesak Day C elebration

After introduction of the tours @ Betel Box, we headed for the bus stop. The 50 minutes bus journey breaks the ice among the participants.
Arriving at Changi Village, we break off for lunch, with the participants trying the local delights.
Bum boat ride increase from S$2.00 to S$2.50, but that does not prevent people from entering the island.

Upon reaching the island, we were welcomed with religious flag decorated for Vesak Day celebration. According to the locals, 2008 is the first time where the village put up such decoration with helps from sponsors who love the island.

Bike, a human-powered tool to move around the island, gives some of the participants a real-time adventure experience as they have not been on bikes for ages.

A Get Away from the city gives everyone a different view about Singapore, and have their weekend fully charged up with fresh air and positive energy.

Too bad this time round I did not take much pictures, but certainly for the rest of the upcoming tours, I will include more pictures for the reader's view.

Ketam Quarry View

Pekan Quarry View

Group photos at Pekan Quarry View, normal setting

Group photos at Pekan Quarry View, camera on Sunset setting

Sunset with the outskirt of Pulau Ubin

Sunset view, reaching Changi Point Ferry Terminal

For information about Ketam Bike Trail, please refer to the following:
Ketam Bike Trail on Google Map
Ketam Mountain Bike Park Orientation Ride

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