Sunday, July 13, 2008

~Discovery during my Ubin Volunteer Orientation Program ~

Finally, the thing that I have been long waiting for, has happened.
And that is, to join Ubin Volunteer.

Some thinks that I am crazy.. some thinks that I am nuts..
but whats wrong being a volunteer for a place I love and belong?

Its a whole new experience being a participant to a place that i do my tours.
In fact, I got more information that I expected.

More than that, I caught up with some old friends (Billy & Susanna), and meet some new ones like Esmond, Kimsong and Lawrence.

We met a interesting friend on the island as well, his name is Green-Green.

Green-Green, standing proudly, posing for us for photos.

Green-Green, like an Indian dancer, popping his head out of the Pandan leaf

Another interesting information that I gathered is that, Singapore is small.
And Pulau Ubin is just a short distance from the city centre.

Looking out from ketam Quarry area,
we can see the Singapore Flyer & the 3 tallest building in Singapore: UOB Plaza One, OUB Centre and Repubic Plaza, each measure 280 metre.

For more information about the 3 tallest buildings in Singapore, you can refer to here.

Another interesting detail I discovered is that we have a Qi Gong Master on the island. He not only know Qi Gong, he knows Kung Fu as well.He is able to stick empty soft drinks cans onto the wall, without damaging them.
Look at how good his skill is, only the 1st can was dented slightly, but nothing happened to the rest.
So if you thinking about creating trouble on the island, think again.
You might be the next to be on the wall.

Great Singapore Sales in Pulau Ubin

This month, in conjunction with Great Singapore Sales, the island is giving away from gifts!!
This promotion greatly increase the visitors rate of the island.

With every S$2.50 you pay for the boat trip into the island, and a small fee for the rental of bicycles, you are entitled to move around the island to choose your delightful King of Fruits, the durian, FOR FREE ! You can take as many as you want, regardless of the shape size or color.

Yes, its the durian season and explorers from different parts of Singapore, are coming over to the island for their durian hunt.

The durian season will be over in 2 to 3 weeks time (i guess the same time as Great Singapore Sales), so what are you waiting for ?? Go for the hunt !! Oh yes, please save the environment, bring along your recycle bags, and you know, one is never enough.

Thats all folks. Till then,
I see you when I see you.

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