Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ubin Survivor Recce, 10 Aug 2008

Joining members from Toa Payoh Adventure Club, we went for a recce at Pulau Ubin, for a program for their facilitators.

On the bum boat journey to the island, we saw this sign on the boat...

"All passengers ______ Whilst Boat is Moving"

All passengers, please fill in the blanks, if you got the correct answer, the trip is free for you....

Upon reaching the island, we went to IK to collect the latest map.

We saw a beautiful cat, seating nicely on the rock, and posing for Jo.

And bad weather ahead of us, waiting for our arrival.

That is one of the reason why we did not cover alot of areas for this trip.

Jelutong Camp site, which is one of the biggest official campsite on the island.

With the size of the ground, it is an ideal place for games, gathering, camps, and getting people together.

With a big area, finding a place to pitch a tent will not be a problem.

Campfire places are available at the campsite.

Of course, you have to keep the campfire clean & tidy after use.

"Mirror Mirror on the pole"

Needless to say, we got fatter..

At the turning point of Jalan Jelutong, we saw this graceful turtle in the drain, with fishes swimming around him.

Jo said that she saw this turtle every time she cycle passed the drain.. but its my first time seeing him.

This is what i call "innovation".
Going Back to basic is what we need in every aspect of life;
This is a good place for us to learn about life.

Found this at Wei Tuo Fang Gong.

Trace of Wild Boar

Goddess of Mercy created out of natural formation at Ubin Quarry.

Offering made to the Goddess of Mercy, asking for blessing.

Our last stop is ketam Quarry before we head back to the jetty to declare an end to the day.

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